2018 Client Highlights

2018 has come and gone and we are about to enter into the second month of 2019. Time really does fly by. Whilst I was looking through my client work of 2018, selecting some of these highlights, it hit me that some of these babies are already celebrating their 1st birthday, or their second birthday. Some of these children are getting ready for their first day of school tomorrow.

I always love reflecting on my years work. This is the month that I move all my client files to the archives for safe storage, and going back over the sessions is such a treat. Each session is unique in itself, I get a little glimpse into your family life for just an hour or two. An dI love capturing these precious little moments for you. Because already time has flown by. Already babies have grown, children have changed and life and time march onwards.

I hope that you too enjoy reflecting with me on a few of these beautiful portraits, maybe they are of your loved ones, maybe you are considering getting your own family portraits done. Each session is a privilege and I feel very blessed to have my clients trust me to create these family treasures.


P.S. I highly recommend watching the below video in HD and waiting for the video to render to avoid frustration and get the best picture quality. 🙂