Digital Birth Announcements

The pure joy and love you feel when you meet your very own baby for the first time is indescribable. You want to share it with the world! And what better way then to create a beautiful birth announcement to post out to your family and friends.

Printed birth announcement cards are something I create for my newborn clients to purchase and they are amongst the most popular products my new parents order from their session. I love these beautiful printed cards, because as you know, I love prints and am passionate about physical prints of your beautiful portraits.

However, I am also someone who loves sharing my own family photos and experiences online and this is why I also create something a little different for my newborn clients. Video Birth Announcements.

We are now living in an information generation and almost everyone is online. I know my new parents love to share their new beautiful baby with their family and friends and sharing online is such a wonderful way to do this.

As a little gift for choosing me as their newborn photographer each of my newborn clients they receive these beautiful video birth announcements.

I ask my clients to give me their babies birth details, I then select approximately 10 baby photos to edit including all the tiny perfect details of a newborn baby– and a couple of days later they will receive a link to their birth announcement which they can then share on social media worldwide.

What I absolutely love about this the most is how much joy it brings to my clients. The messages and calls I have received so far are the reason I am so passionate about baby photography.