International Day of the Girl

International Day of the Girl ~ October 11, 2017

There are 1.1 billion girls in the world today. Every one of them deserves equality, safety, respect and an opportunity to be part of their future, our future.

Yet, horrifyingly, every 10 minutes an adolescent girl dies as a result of violence.

So on this International Day of the Girl, I have indulgently put together a slideshow of the girl in my life. My daughter Kyah.

She is fierce, stubborn, beautiful, funny, assertive, strong willed, loving, complimentary, caring, compassionate, determined, dramatic, confident and inspiring. She can be a Princess and a Ballerina. A Ninja Warrior and a Jedi. She loves Sophia the First and Bindi Irwin in equal measure. She is strong and delicate all at the same time. She is complex and I love her.

Some would say she is bossy, precocious and stubborn. But the world will try its best to beat those out of her, and they are attributes that will see her steer safely through the ever more terrifying path of adolescents and early adulthood. I hope that she is this fierce and this self assured when she is 14 and 24 as she is at 4.

Kyah Grace you are my girl and I love you.