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“Dear Bree,

We just love our album and photos. Thank you again.

Our biggest challenge and frustration with past photography sessions has been finding a photographer that captures our family the way we see it. In the past they have looked very staged and forced and almost like a school group portrait. We also found the packages that were offered were not worth their value.

Our session with you, Bree, was very relaxed and we all felt comfortable and not rushed. This certainly relayed in the photos produced as the smiles and looks captured were all natural and real! Even baby Kaino fell asleep for most of it! What I love most is that you can see the real family love in all the photos.

We have mentioned time and time again to all our friends and family how professional you were during the session and your amazing calm manner you had with our newborn, you would rock him to sleep and wrap him and kept him so comfortable throughout the session. You have the real mothers touch that only a mum would have! I think you settled him better than I could that day!

The final package we received from you just blew us away. It was presented so beautifully.

We can’t wait to schedule another session in the future when the kiddies are a little older.”

~ Audrey S., Newborn Portrait Session May, 2018

Behind the scenes of a newborn portrait session at Bree Hulme Photography

“Having a toddler and baby engaged in having their photo taken has been the main challenge to having nice family photos. Also finding a photographer with a style that matches the one that we like. Bree was great with our girls and they were at ease with her straight away which resulted in some lovely photos. The location Bree was able to suggest also provided a perfect backdrop in line with what we were looking for.

The biggest benefit for us was how well Bree worked with our kids, and her fast and detailed communication made the process very easy. 

Thanks again.”

~ Ruwani B., Family Portraits Session April, 2018

Best time for family portraits with bree hulme photography family photographer sydney golden hour

“Dear Bree,

Thank you so much for your email, and for our beautiful collection of photos of our little Chloe. I’ve just shown Anthony the acrylic, and as expected, he absolutely loved it.  Also, I wanted to say thank you so much for our little gift. That was so lovely, and unexpected. We love it and it proudly sits on Anthony’s work desk. He’s thrilled with it. 

Our biggest challenge in the past with photography sessions were that you had to make an immediate decision about which photographs you wished to purchase. To us, it showed that we were just another client, that there was no real passion for us to walk away feeling happy with our decision about which photos to purchase. We walked away feeling that we had been a little bit bullied into making a pressured decision then and there. With you, it was much more relaxed and we love knowing that we can always come back to you at any time wanting our photos printed or to order acrylics.  

We previously used a studio located in a shopping centre, and although their customer service was absolutely fine, there is something much more personal about using somebody local, who works out of a home studio, and with whom I can interact via telephone or email whenever I need to. The previous studio had the owner take our photos, but that was where our interaction with him personally, ended.  After that, we just spoke to his staff members and it wasn’t anywhere near as personal. He was lovely and took great photos, but the atmosphere was much more “clinical”, for want of a better word. In any case, it has been lovely dealing with somebody who has such a relaxed demeanour and seems to have a genuine love for what they do. 

I also felt like you were very self-assured in knowing what we wanted, things just happened quite seamlessly and smoothly in terms of organizing the backdrop and cake and theme, which was great.

I’d also just like to take the time to mention how lovely it was to receive our images from you in such a personalized manner. I know we are your “customers”, but I actually almost felt like I was opening a gift when I brought our beautiful little painted box home and opened it. The fact that it did actually contain a gift, and a handwritten note that had clearly been painted by you, was such a kind and personal touch, and made us feel like we weren’t just another client. Thank you so much again for a lovely experience. We are so happy with the final product, and would be so happy to recommend you to anyone else looking for someone to capture their precious family memories.”

~ Monique N., Cake Smash & Splash Portraits Session March, 2018

Elegant botanical cake smash and splash portraits for your babies 1st birthday with Bree Hulme Photography on Sydney's Northern Beaches and North Shore

I haven’t had family photos done for awhile, but the challenge was always being made to feel comfortable and directed well enough to get a good shot. Bree was so in control and had some great poses/postures that you know work well (for bubs and adults!), so everything felt easy and fun.

Bree also asked for my input early on so she knew what I was looking for in my photographs of Ellis, which was great. It made me think about it so that I really got what a paid for (in a good way!) and was thrilled with the results.

The photos of me and Ty look wonderful and relaxed and like us, and show us celebrating this special time. I got exactly what I wanted from the photos of Ellis. Bree listened to me and asked my input, and then used her expertise to deliver. I never once doubted that the photos would be anything less than pefect.

Bree made us feel so comfortable and relaxed, and made it easy to hand our 11 day old baby over to her. The whole experience was so enjoyable and fun. Bree made it feel like a fun family day out, not just a photo shoot, and the beautiful photographs are like icing on the cake.

All the best, and I’m sure we’ll see Bree again for more photos of our little man.”

~ Lisa H., Newborn Portraits Session January, 2018

what to wear for your newborn portraits at Bree Hulme Photography on Sydney's Northern Beaches

“In the past when we have had portraits taken, it was frustrating being set up like a prop and not given a chance to get comfortable with the photographer first. With Bree however, I felt comfortable, I had fun and overall just a wonderful experience that was not just about taking the photos but creating such a wonderful moment.

“Throughout the experience Bree had great communication, came with excellent recommendations and provided a 10/10 customer service experience!!! I loved how easy it was from start to finish. I value great customer service because that’s my area of expertise and I just love every single process Bree followed to get the best outcome for us. It shows how passionate Bree is and I would recommend her a thousand times over to any one I know. I am looking forward to seeing Bree again in a few weeks time with our little one for newborn portraits.”

~ Lisa C., Maternity & Newborn Portrait Sessions May-July 2017, Newborn Portrait Session February 2018

What to wear for your Maternity Portraits outdoors or in studio pregnancy photos By Bree Hulme Photography on Sydney's Northern Beaches and North Shore sunrise silhouettes

“Stock standard shots – particularly newborn images, are something I was not interested in.  I love pics with a twist – and Bree was so accommodating of this.  Our most recent family shots are just beautiful – the background conjures up “magical” imagery, and I just love them. There is certainly nothing boring about them at all!!  I love that Bree includes both digital images as well as beautiful quality wall art and prints in her packages, so that we could receive the best of both.

“Bree’s willingness to embrace my ideas, and her professional approach in adapting or modifying them to get amazing results was wonderful. Bree was a wizard with my kids – they know her now and respond so well to her!  We will 100% be back!”

~ Gillian G-C., Maternity, Newborn & Family Portrait Sessions July-September, 2016 & March, 2017

Northern Beaches Family Photographer

“The packaging was so beautiful I hardly wanted to open it. The prints are absolutely gorgeous and I also appreciate the little gift Bree included for me. 

“My mother always wanted a photo of herself and her grandkids so I thought what would be better than a professional taking them to celebrate her birthday during her trip to Australia. Our attempts at taking the photos ourselves always resulted in frustrated children and mediocre photos. With three small boys I was really nervous thinking we wouldn’t get any good shots and/or that I’d be anxious the entire time with kids crying and not cooperating at all.  But by telling me it was her job to take care of my kids on the day, Bree made sure that I relaxed and had fun, as did my children. Of course this translated into the photos. We all had a great time and there were absolutely no tears! It is clear that Bree has her own kids and has worked with lots of children before. The endless tricks up her sleeve worked so well and my mum, kids, husband and I were all put at easy by Bree’s lovely personality. The result is exactly what I had hoped for and more. Thank you. I can’t wait to do it again when the kids are a bit older. 

“Thank you so much for giving me these lovely keepsakes to remember this very special time in my life – and also for helping me give my mom (Mormor) the perfect birthday gift.”

~ Linda A., Family Portrait Session with Mormor February, 2017

Beautiful Family Photographer North Shore Sydney, by Bree Hulme Photography

” I have always worried about photographers (and myself) getting frustrated with my children for not following instructions or cooperating during a photo session. Having a good rapport with the photographer where we all feel comfortable being photographed is difficult to get. Bree straight away engaged with my children, making them feel comfortable and willing to work with her. I couldn’t believe how quickly they started getting cute and “posey” for Bree. My son in particular, can be quite shy but Bree put him at ease from the get-go which resulted in natural, relaxed photos. 

“The communication with Bree from my initial enquiry all the way through was excellent. It was lovely working with a photographer who was a mum also. She understood the vulnerability in being photographed two weeks out from giving birth. I didnt have to worry about having to live with photos of my “mummy tummy”. 

“Thank you again for the amazing job you did capturing our little family so beautifully. We could not be happier with our gorgeous photographs. I only wish we had done this with our other two bubs when they were precious newborns. You certainly deserve the world of success with your business. You have an incredible eye for photography and a very calm, caring and fun way of working with babies and children.”

~ Kate N., Newborn Portrait Session December, 2016, Cake Smash Portrait Session January, 2018

Northern Beaches Newborn photographer Bree Hulme Photography stunning beautiful newborn and family portraits
Elegant botanical cake smash and splash portraits for your babies 1st birthday with Bree Hulme Photography on Sydney's Northern Beaches and North Shore
Northern Beaches Newborn photographer Bree Hulme Photography stunning beautiful newborn and family portraits

We had never had family photos taken – it had never felt quite like the right time (weight to lose, hair to grow, money to save etc!) but when I met Bree I was so taken with her gentle, friendly way that I booked in straight away. My husband was pretty hesitant and I was worried that our 3 girls (6, 4, 1 years old) would be hard work. But it was effortless – actually, better than that, it was fun. We laughed a lot. It was enjoyable. Our hour together felt very natural – not staged, not “perfect”, just us. And this really came through in the photos. They are filled with giggles, they really capture the feeling of our family, the dynamics, the different relationships which make us up. We are delighted with them – I can’t wait to sprinkle them through our home, to gift them for Christmas, and to treasure them over the years to come.

“Thank you so much Bree, for your patience, friendliness, your tricks and creativity xo”

~ Clare F., Family Portrait Session October, 2016

Client Testimonials for Bree Hulme Photography, Northern Beaches Photographer

“Our greatest frustration in the past has been the lack of direction by the photographer and were left disappointed that the shots we wanted were not taken. But in our session with Bree, she took control on the day, which was exactly what we wanted – someone who knows exactly what we were after and went about it without us having to remind her. We were able to sit back and relax, knowing that the photos we had discussed and were important to us were being taken.

“Bree is experienced with working with little babies and knowing how to get the shot we were after. Bree was gentle and motherly in nature and this made us feel assured that Sam was in good hands. Bree was happy to accomodate feedings and Bree was able to calm Sam gently when he got upset or woke up. There was no pressure to be out of Bree’s studio by a certain time!”

~ Luisa & Marc M., Newborn Portrait Session July, 2016, Newborn Portrait Session November, 2018.

Newborn portraits Sydney
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“There are not many people or businesses I would whole heartedly recommend to my family and friends, but Bree Hulme Photography most certainly is! I am honestly blown away by Bree’s attention to detail and feel truly special receiving her services. Our beautiful package of gorgeous prints and ice tiles has been re-wrapped to put under our Christmas Tree. They are just so gorgeous and honestly my most treasured gifts.”

~ Vanessa & Matt B., Maternity & Newborn Portrait Sessions September-October 2015

“When I saw our portraits by Bree, I started crying – good crying! They are so so beautiful and I am so happy with them. Bree is so talented! I cannot wait for Bree to photograph our family again. Thank you so much! xx”

~Ally R., Maternity, Newborn, Mini Milestone & Cake Smash Sessions June, 2015

Bree Hulme Photography Maternity portraits

“I’ve only had photos taken a few times before and I have always felt awkward, and you can see that in the photos. My other half was not looking forward to a “photo shoot”, but Bree was able to help him relax. Bree captured some beautiful memories for us. I love all of the photos and I am a harsh critique when I am in the picture. 

“The thing we valued most was Bree’s attitude. We never felt rushed or uncomfortable. I like that Bree took a bit of time to get to know us first before starting the photo shoot. Bree really cares about getting beautiful pictures of us, and I have felt this every time we have met. 

“I am really looking forward to Bree capturing more great memories for us this year.”

~ Gemma E., Maternity x2, Newborn x2, Mini Milestone Sessions March-June, 2015, November, 2016 & March-April 2017

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2018 AIPP Epson NSW Professional Photography Awards

Silver Award – Family Category

Silver Award - 2018 AIPP Epson NSW Professional Photography Awards Family Category

Silver Award – Newborn Category

Silver Award 2018 AIPP Epson NSW Professional Photography Awards Newborn Category


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