Some Personal Highlights from 2016 ~ Bree Hulme Photography, Sydney

After sharing my highlights from my client work last week on the blog, I thought I should really put together a few personal favourites from my own families photos.

2016 was a wonderful year, with some beautiful family time, an awesome road trip and ever growing children.

My kids all tolerate my photo-taking very well, and whilst they do all suffer from PCS (Photographers Child Syndrome), it doesn’t seem to be hindering their own love of being the one to take the photos. They all love being behind the camera, and are getting quite good at instructing the rest of us as to where they want us to stand and what they want us to do. Kyah and Beau are still struggling with the weight of my camera and lens, usually only being able to take one or two frames before they have to put the camera down to rest between takes. But Noah is improving his upper arm strength and really getting good.

You will see a few snaps with me in the frame, something I am trying to do more and more, because existing in photos with my children is as important as me documenting their growth and changes. And I am thankful that the kids, and my husband are willing to take on the role of photographer for me so I can have some beautiful portraits with my children as well.

I believe in creating beautiful keepsakes for my clients, and I believe in creating these same keepsakes for myself and my family as well. 2017 is going to be the year of printing my own family photos as well ~ with two beautiful albums already ordered to treasure some of the memories and moments you will see in this slideshow. I am a strong advocate for printing your photos, this year I am going to walk the walk, and print my photos!