What If Your Child Won’t Cooperate For The Photos?

I’m been a family photographer for almost 6 years. And there have been many times a toddler won’t cooperate during a session.

Before I became a baby and family photographer I was a Psychologist, and before that I worked with children with disabilities.

I am also a mother of three active, rambunctious, adorable children.

One thing all of this has taught me is that sometimes children, especially toddlers, don’t do what you want them to do! When you want them too.

Stunning sitter baby portraits by Bree Hulme Photography Sydney's premier baby photographer when toddlers won't cooperate during your portrait session

I also know that this can cause parents, in particular mums, a lot of stress and angst, especially at a photoshoot! So let me tell you how I handle children who just don’t want to cooperate during a photo session.

I Never Force Them To Do Something They Don’t Want To Do

The law of toddlers and tantrums guarantees that the best way to bring on a meltdown is to try to get a toddler to do something they don’t want to do. So if your toddlers is giving me a hard no, that is ok and we can just change tact. If we don’t force the issue, they usually come around.

Instead of forcing the issue, we can move on with another part of the session. Eventually they tend to get a little curious about what we are doing. I will try to engage them on another subject. Things like “can you show me where your ear is? Can you show me where the baby’s ear is?”… and eventually we get the shots!

One thing all of this has taught me is that sometimes children, especially toddlers, won't cooperate! When you want them too.

I Try to Make The Photoshoot Fun

Playing games with your toddler or child during the session is always a priority for me. Play is such a perfect means to capture those real smiles and that pure joy. Peek-a-boo with younger children is always a winner, and I am terrific at making animal noises as well.

when your child won't cooperate during your photo shoot with bree hulme photography mini milestone portrait session older baby sitter baby portraits 6-10 months of age baby photos Bree Hulme Photography

I always have a few toys and things for your toddler to do at the studio. Most of the time, it takes older kids a few minutes to warm up to me, and having fun activities for them to engage with is a great way to get them loosened up and ready for pictures!

I Have LOTS of Stickers

Because a little bribery never hurts, I have a tons of stickers on hand! Plus these create fun games in and of themselves – such as “where did I hide the sticker near your new baby brother?” Or “let’s jump on the sticker and make it disappear!” This way we create those real smiles and giggles as we play our silly games.

What If Your Child Won't Cooperate For The Photos? Using play and stickers to engage a toddler in a newborn portrait session with Bree Hulme Photography Sydney's northern beaches best newborn photographer

I Have a Sense of Humor

Like I said, I’ve worked with kids for a really long time. So if your child doesn’t cooperate or has a little melt down, please do not worry about me or what I think. I get it. I’m a mum too!

Sydney's best child photographer, Bree Hulme Photography

Remember, photos are meant to capture your child as they are now. There is now right and no wrong. And I’ve been doing this for a really long time… I’m confident that we will get photos you will love!

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