What to Wear for Your Newborn Photo Shoot

Last month, I wrote about “What to wear for your family photo shoot“. Whilst many of the principles are the same for a newborn photo shoot there are also some important differences which are useful to keep in mind when preparing for your newborn portraits at Bree Hulme Photography. Keep in mind that my studio is a white studio, with many of my family portraits being backlit against my floor to ceiling natural light windows with white sheer curtains. I love to shoot in neutrals and pastels.


What to wear for your newborn photo shoot at Bree Hulme PhotographyWhat to wear for your Newborn Portraits at Bree Hulme Photography

I am a Mum of 3 myself. I know what it is like to have just had a baby. I understand that you are not feeling your best, and standing in front of the camera is a daunting prospect for most of us on our best day. So why not take this opportunity to spoil yourself a little? Do you want to get someone to come to you and do your hair and makeup before your session? Perhaps go and get a manicure. Taking a little time for yourself and feeling happier and more relaxed about how you look, can make a huge difference to how you feel in your photos.

what to wear for your newborn portraits at Bree Hulme Photography on Sydney's Northern Beaches


Your new baby ~ Your newborn doesn’t need clothes. A newborn photo shoot is all about capturing your precious new baby, chronicling all their tiny details and features. It is about accentuating and capturing the simple, beauty of this new little human, the connections between your growing family, and we don’t want clothing to detract from any of that.

At this age newborns do not really fit clothing, and most clothes swamp your precious little one, obscuring their features and form. For your newborn session, we will wrap your little one up to make them warm and cosy, and then slowly unwrap them for some beautiful natural portraits of your little one naked. Wraps and throws in cottons, laces, wools and other soft materials will be supplied by Bree Hulme Photography and used to wrap  and cover your little one as needed.

your baby will be wrapped up or naked for their newborn photos. No need for outfits for your new babywhat to wear for your newborn portraits your baby does not need clothes or outfits, wraps and accessories will be supplied

If you do want some photos in a little outfit we have some specially sized little rompers and all-in-one outfits designed specifically for newborn portraits, ensuring that your little one is posed and photographed at their best, with all their tiny details highlighted.

Northern Beaches Newborn Photographer Bree Hulme Photography Beautiful natural simple newborn and baby portraits Sydney baby boy newborn babywhat to wear for your newborn portraits - for your newborn we have specially sized little outfits, rompers and pants to fit your newborn for their portraits which do not hide their precious little details and body.

Big sisters & brothers love having their photos taken with their new baby brother or sister. Simple colours and simple clothes are the key for choosing outfits for older siblings when coming in for your newborn photo shoot. A simple collared shirt, a sweet little dress can be just perfect for those photos of your children together. Soft pastel colours, neutrals and subtle patterns are best, as we do not want the clothing to overwhelm or detract from the tiny details, the connections between your children which we are trying to highlight. Bright bold colours can also cast a colour onto your newborns face when we are posing the children together.

What to wear for your newborn portraits ~ Siblings, big brothers look gorgeous in collared shirts and even t-shirtswhat to wear for your newborn photo shoot - big sisters can look beautiful in a simple pastel dress or ensemble. Nothing to overwhelm or detract from your precious new baby.

Siblings should wear simple colours and simple clothes - you do not want to detract from the precious new baby - what to wear for your newborn sessions

{Please note: for older siblings, I strongly discourage outfits changes mid-way through a session unless there is an accident and an outfit is soiled. Changing children can also change their mood and their willingness to participate in the session. It is best to arrive with young children already dressed in your preferred outfit for the portraits}.

Textures & Patterns When choosing outfits for your family keep in mind that although you want to choose soft, subtle colours such as pastels and neutrals, adding some details through textures and patterns can work beautifully. Lace, embroidery and other small details can add a beautiful sense of texture to your final images.

adding details with textures lace, embroidery and subtle patterns is a beautiful way to add interest and details to your newborn photo shoot.what to wear for your newborn portraits - using lace and other subtle textures to add interest, texture and layers to the photo is beautiful and doesn't detract from the precious little bundle we are focusing on.

Accidents Happen ~ During your session and for some of the family portraits your little baby will be naked and accidents happen. Make sure you pack an alternative outfit for each family member, just in case.

Dark Colours Work Too ~ Although most of the images above have shown my clients wearing light colours, dark colours can look beautiful too. Navy, black, dark brown, greys all are beautiful natural colours and they create a stunning contrast with the soft creamy skin of your new baby and also the white studio. Some clients choose to bring both a light and a dark outfit and decide what to wear when they arrive (see above note on outfits for children).

what to wear for your newborn session - dark colours can work too and offer a beautiful contrast to your new babies creamy soft skin.

dark colours work for newborn sessions too. what to wear for your newborn session


Don’t Forget Dad ~ Whilst Dad hasn’t just had the baby, and probably doesn’t need his hair and make-up done, there are still a few things to help Dad feel at his best for the photos as well. A haircut, and beard trim are a great start. Does Dad want to do some photos displaying his big Dad hands contrasting against your tiny new baby? Perhaps a nail trim or even a manicure.


Northern Beaches Newborn photographer Bree Hulme Photography stunning beautiful newborn and family portraits

A collared shirt, a simple new t-shirt (one that isn’t stretched around the collar or sporting stains under the arms), are simple but striking outfits for Dad. Darks work especially well on Dads, providing a striking contrast to their new babies creamy soft skin.


northern beaches best newborn photographer baby girl two big brothers bree hulme photographyNorthern Beaches Newborn photographer Bree Hulme Photography stunning beautiful newborn and family portraits

I hope this helps you decide on what to wear for your newborn photo shoot with Bree Hulme Photography. Keep it simple, classic, subtle, cohesive and make sure your outfits represent who you are as a family.