FAQ Newborn Portraits

Booking in for a Newborn Portrait Session is a big decision. It is one that comes with lots of questions. Here I will try to answer some of the most common questions or FAQ that I get from my clients and enquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ FAQs Newborn Portraits Newborn Portraiture Newborn Photography Sydney Northern Beaches

Where is your newborn photography studio located?

Our studio is in Cromer, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Just a little over a 30-minute drive north from the Sydney CBD.

Do you offer in-home newborn portrait sessions?

No. Due to the amount of equipment involved in safely and professionally photographing your baby, we only shoot newborn sessions at our Cromer studio.

What is the best age for newborn portraits?

Newborn babies are most sleepy during the first 7-10 days of life & we schedule your session no later than two weeks of age, although under 10 days is ideal.

When should I book for newborn portraits?

The ideal time to book your newborn portrait session is when in your 2nd trimester or early 3rd trimester. I take a limited number of newborn sessions each week to accomodate changing birth dates and arrivals and am often booked out 2-3 months in advance. Due to this unpredictable nature of babies being born we will schedule a preliminary date based on your due date & then confirm a final date with you once your little one arrives.

What if our baby arrives early or late?

No problem. Our schedule is designed to allow the flexibility needed when considering the often unpredictable nature of a babies birth. We can shuffle your preliminiary session date to accomodate an early or late baby as needed. Newborn sessions are booked mid-week to better accomodate the changing nature of your dates.

What if my baby has already arrived?

We always get a few last minute bookings, so do not worry if you did not manage to organise your newborn session before your little one arrived. Even if you baby is older than our recommended 2 weeks of age, we will still capture some beautiful portraits for you. We have photographed babies at every age, & every age lends itself to unique & beautiful portraits. If your baby is older than 10-14 days we may not capture as many sleepy, curly poses. Your gallery may contain more parent-baby & family images, more awake & interactive images detailing the unique bond between you & your baby.

Can we get parent and sibling portraits during our newborn session?

Yes of course! I will typically set up sibling portraits as soon as you arrive for your session. It’s unlikely a toddler or even an older child will be able to stay quiet and calm during a lengthy newborn session and they are often most compliant first thing. This allows one parent to take your older children to the park or school or for a walk whilst we complete the individual newborn portraits. It also means we can circle back to sibling and family portraits towards the end of the session if we didn’t get the desired images and cooperation the first time. Please keep in mind that our newborn studio is kept very warm to ensure the comfort of your newborn baby. Older children may find this uncomfortable after a period of time. It is best to organise for them to be excused once their portraits are complete.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ FAQs Newborn Portraits Newborn Portraiture Newborn Photography Sydney Northern BeachesShould both parents attend the newborn session?

If possible it’s helpful to have both parents at the shoot. This is a special time in your new babies life. I love capturing the connections between you, and also the contrast in size between parents and newborns is so striking at this early age.

Can I bring other people to the newborn session to observe?

Based on experience we find that it’s better if only parents & siblings attend the session. Newborn sessions are often lengthy and require a calm, quiet environment in which we can keep baby asleep & occasionally calm him or her if they are fussy. Lots of extra time is needed for nappy changes & feedings too. Unless the family members are going to be included in the photoshoot we ask that they remain at home. Please discuss with us any additional family members you do wish to include in your session ahead of time. The studio is small & can be very warm with more than two adults.


Can we include our fur-baby in our newborn session?

Fur babies are always welcome. However the studio is small & the session takes several hours. When including your fur bab, we will do these photos first so that one parent can either take your pet for a walk or drop them home. For safety reasons, all images of pets with a baby will be achieved as a composite image in post production.

Amazing newborn twin photographer Northern Beaches SydneyWhat does the session fee include?

The session fee covers your studio newborn session, including use of the extensive range of wraps, hats, headbands, props and accessories. Your session will incorporate a mix of newborn portraits, parent-portraits, family-portraits and where requested, sibling portraits. Your session fee is non-refundable. By paying your session fee, a date and time are exclusively reserved for you.

Do you supply props for the session?

Yes. In our studio we have a large selection of wraps, bonnets, headbands, outfits, backdrops and props for you to pick from for your newborn portraits. We will discuss what colours, tones, and materials you like in your pre-session consultation so that we have on hand a selection of props and accessories for you to choose from.

What do we need to bring to a newborn portrait session?

Everything you need for your newborn portraits is provided for you. In your bag it is helpful to pack a few spare nappies, a burp cloth, a dummy to help settle and sooth your baby between poses, a change of clothes for parents and siblings, and snacks, especially for siblings. If you have a special heirloom item, such as a special blanket or small teddy you would like to have included in one or two of the portraits, please bring these along and let us know. We will try our best to include it in a few of your portraits.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ FAQs Newborn Portraits Newborn Portraiture Newborn Photography Sydney Northern Beaches

How long does a newborn portrait session take?

Baby safety, comfort and well-being are our top priority throughout your newborn session and informs exactly how your newborn session is conducted. Newborn sessions typically last between 2-3 hours. Your baby sets the pace, allowing all the time needed for feeding, changing, soothing and cuddling. Your session will be relaxed, calm and unhurried.

Are you vaccinated and insured?

Yes! Newborn health and safety is our primary concern. We are fully vaccinated, including for pertussis (whooping cough). Bree Hulme Photography is a registered business and we are insured.

Do you have a Working With Children Check?

Yes! Safety is our primary concern at Bree Hulme Photography. Please contact me if you would like to view my WWC Clearance.

How long after the session will we get our photos?

We love seeing the end result of your beautiful portraits as much as you do! As such, a sneak peek of your session will be emailed through or posted on social media within 48 hours of your session. Your complete gallery will be available for viewing within 2 weeks of your session. Sometimes, such as during the peak season at the end of the year, this may take a few extra days. If this is the case, we will stay in contact so you know when to expect your gallery to view your beautiful portraits.

Do we come back to the studio to view our images and make our purchases?

No. We know it can be hard to find time to return to the studio to view your portraits once they are ready. Your online gallery gives you the benefit of being able to view and order in the comfort of your own home. Many of our clients however, do like to return to the studio to view the images together and see the different products again. We can work together to design some beautiful art works to display in your home. These viewing sessions are offered on weekdays between 9am-2pm and usually last for 1 hour. There is no additional fee for these sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ FAQs Newborn Portraits Newborn Portraiture Newborn Photography Sydney Northern BeachesCan we get the RAW files?

No. The RAW files are the equivalent of a baker’s ingredients or an artist’s paints. Every photo you see in your gallery has been edited to reflect the creative vision I had in mind when I took the photo. Manipulation of tones, contrast, light, colour and clarity are just a few of the many steps I perform on every image in your final gallery.

Can we edit the digital files we purchase ourselves?

No. Digital images are provided for you to print for your personal use and share with your family and friends via social media and email. No filters or personal edits, crops or alterations are permitted under our agreement.

Will we own the copyright of the images we purchase?

Any images purchased are supplied with a a non-exclusive perpetual personal-use license for Personal Use Only. Personal use means non-commercial use of the photographs for display on personal websites and computers, or making image prints or video copies for personal use only. Bree Hulme Photography retains copyright of all images taken and supplied. A commercial copyright license can be purchased for a fee.

How long after ordering our photos will we receive our products?

Once you have placed your order and made payment, prints and digital files will be ready within 1-2 weeks. Framed prints, wooden photo blocks and acrylics will be ready within 2-4 weeks, and our beautiful handcrafted albums will be ready within 4-6 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ FAQs Newborn Portraits Newborn Portraiture Newborn Photography Sydney Northern BeachesDo you delete our session files after we have ordered?

No. Your session is archived and stored on external hard drives for the foreseeable future. Many clients come back after a year or more and ask to purchase an additional print or other product.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We know that custom professional photography is an investment, and so we offer payment plans between 4-6 months to help you budget for your purchases.

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