As a devoted mother, you consistently shoulder the mental load of your family’s well-being. From packing lunches and washing clothes to orchestrating family activities and managing schedules, you effortlessly handle it all.

Mums need to be in the photos too by Bree Hulme Photography Sydney family photographer

However, there is a small drawback. Since mothers tend to be the ones immersed in these tasks, they often find themselves behind the lens, capturing precious moments. While having countless photographs of your children is undeniably delightful, it means that you, dear mum, are not present in many of them. In fact, you may even consciously evade being caught on camera due to personal insecurities.

But it’s time to change that. You deserve to be on the other side of the camera, in amongst the beauty of your family, the family you created. Let me explain why.

Mums need to be in the photos too by Bree Hulme Photography Sydney family photographer


It may be difficult to contemplate, but there will come a day when you won’t be here anymore. And when that time arrives, all your children will have left are the photographs of you. They will yearn to revisit those cherished moments and see your radiant smile, just the way they remember it.

However, if you consistently stay behind the scenes, rarely stepping in front of the lens, they will be left with only a handful of glimpses capturing the essence of who you truly were. These shared moments, these significant milestones, deserve to be documented with you in the midst of them, not just hiding out behind the camera.

Think about the joy your children will experience when they stumble upon these treasured family portraits, brimming with love and togetherness. Let them see the way you embraced every special occasion, the way you radiated warmth and affection. By being present in these photographs, you ensure that your children will forever hold on to the memories of a remarkable mother who played an irreplaceable role in their lives.

Mums need to be in the photos too by Bree Hulme Photography Sydney family photographer

Step into the frame, and let your children witness the love and happiness that surrounded them throughout their lives. They deserve to have enduring memories of you, a source of comfort and joy for years to come.


As a mother, it is your profound desire to instill a sense of self-love within your children. In our society, it becomes even more crucial to teach your daughter the importance of loving herself, as she will inevitably face societal pressures to conform to narrow standards of beauty, perpetually emphasising the need to be thinner, younger, and more conventionally attractive. What she truly needs is to witness your unwavering confidence and self-love, regardless of whether you fit into society’s limited definition of beauty. In fact, it is especially crucial for her to witness your self-love if you don’t conform to those societal ideals. And your sons need to see this too so that they grow up valuing and loving the women in their lives just as they are.

Each time you shy away from the camera or recoil from the flash, a subtle message is conveyed to your daughter—a message that you don’t deem yourself worthy of being captured in the frame, that you don’t perceive yourself as beautiful. Is that the lesson you genuinely want to impart to your children?

Mums need to be in the photos too by Bree Hulme Photography Sydney family photographer

Instead, offer your children the invaluable gift of lasting memories and demonstrate the astounding beauty that resides within each and every one of you. Consider scheduling a family photo shoot with a skilled professional family photographer who understands how to showcase your family’s unique charm and ensure everyone looks their absolute best. Through this experience, you will not only cherish the memories being created but also provide your children with a timeless visual reminder of their own beauty, inside and out.

Let your daughter witness your self-acceptance, embracing your own unique features and radiating genuine confidence. Show your sons the importance of appreciating and respecting women for who they are, beyond societal standards. By actively participating in family portraits, you inspire a powerful lesson—that self-love is a treasure worth embracing, that beauty transcends societal expectations, and that your children are worthy of capturing in the frame alongside their remarkable mother.

In the years to come, as your children grow and perhaps start families of their own, they will fondly look back on these cherished portraits. The memories they evoke will remind them of the profound love and acceptance they experienced as part of a family that celebrated their individuality and encouraged self-love.

Mums need to be in the photos too by Bree Hulme Photography Sydney family photographer

So, Mums, embark on this journey of self-love and family portraits, hand in hand with your children. Together, you will create a legacy of beauty, strength, and unwavering love that will endure for generations to come.