So you have booked in for a portrait session with Bree Hulme Photography! Woohoo!

But what happens if……?

I know you have so many worries running through your mind, and what does happen when something does go wrong? Here are all the answers for you.

Favourite Mum Poses for Newborn sessions with Bree Hulme Photography Sydney northern beaches and north shore newborn photographer

What happens if my baby gets sick?

I understand. I am a mum of 3 and I know how often little ones get sick. If your baby is unwell we will postpone and reschedule your session. A sick baby is not at their best, even if you can give them some Panadol to help them feel better. When little ones are sick coming to a new environment with a new person and asking them to have photos is just a little too much for them. Let me know as soon as you can that your little one is unwell (or any member of the family) and we will find the next available date for you. Trust me, it is better to wait a few days or a few weeks and photograph a happy and well baby than trying to get them to a shoot when they are unwell. You can always tell in a photo if your baby is unwell.

Favourite Mum Poses for Newborn sessions with Bree Hulme Photography Sydney northern beaches and north shore newborn photographer

What happens if I get sick?

If I get sick, I will let you know as soon as possible and we will reschedule your session. I do not want to be sharing any of my germs with you and your family, so I have always used caution, especially with newborn babies, and rescheduled if I am unwell.

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What happens if my baby arrives earlier than expected?

This is not a problem. Let me know that your little one has decided to surprise you with an early arrival, and then once you are both doing well we can reschedule your session. Some babies who arrive early need to spend some time in the NICU whilst others come home at the expected time. We can work together to find a new date for your session which suits you and your babies needs. I have photographed babies at every age and stage, even some who have come home from hospital still with a feeding tube. It is completely up to you when you are both ready for your session and I will work with you to find the best time.

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What happens if my baby has scratches on their face? Or baby acne? Or a bruise on their face?

This happens more than you may think. Newborn babies are prone to baby acne, milk rashes and scratching their faces in those first few weeks. And older babies manage to bang their heads just in time for the photo session! There is rarely a baby or toddler who walks into my studio who has perfectly flawless skin. The magic of photoshop can help us remove many of those unwanted marks and blemishes. I approach editing with the moto that if it won’t be there in a week or a month, then I remove it – pimples, scratches, bruises. But if it is a more permanent mark, such as birth mark or scar, then I leave it be (unless you tell me you would prefer to have it removed). Of course, some of my clients prefer not retouching on their photos and that is absolutely fine as well, just let me know.

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What if my newborn cries or is unsettled?

Newborn sessions are scheduled to take between 2-3 hours. This is so that there is plenty of time to feed, cuddle and settle your baby as needed during the session. There is no rush. Whilst some babies are more unsettled than others, some need to be cuddled a little more, or have an extra feed to help them be calm and relaxed, we can take our time and meet the needs of your little one. My sessions are baby-led, so whatever your baby needs is what we do. This means that every session is different and you many get different photos depending on what your babies preferences are. Some babies only want to be wrapped up and cuddled, so we focus on those images within your session. Some babies only want to be on their back and so we focus on images where they are comfortable and relaxed.

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What happens if my toddler just won’t cooperate or is shy?

Many babies and toddlers who come into my studio can feel a little overwhelmed and apprehensive about this whole photo shoot scenario. As a mum of 3 I know it can take time for your little ones to warm up and feel comfortable. So we take our time, maybe we need to read a book or play a little game before they are ready to get into a photo. I have lots of tricks and games and stickers to help little ones feel more at ease.

Bree Hulme Photography Sydney Photographer

I hope that helps answer some of your questions about what happens when the worst happens. Don’t worry, we will work out what is best for your family and your photos.

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