So you have the beautiful family. You have scouted the perfect location and the best time of day. Now it is time for the session. So how do you pose a family in a variety of fun and natural ways to be able to fill a full gallery, get a variety of shots and angles, and present your clients with the best possible portraits?

Family Posing Guide Bree Hulme EducationPosing!

Learning a variety of poses, learning how to get your clients in a natural, comfortable position to then interact with each other naturally is crucial to running a successful family photography business. And it is one of the harder aspects to learn.

Family Posing Guide Bree Hulme Education

Over almost 10 years in business, and photographing 100s of families, I have 6 favourite go-to-poses which I use in nearly every session. My sessions are fun and natural, with not a lot of “Smile at the camera”. But I do still pose my families so that I can capture them at their best. Then once they are posed I set up little games, topics to discuss (& laugh about) and ways for them to interact so that I can capture their natural smiles, their connection and joy, their beautiful family at their best.

These poses are all outlined in my family posing guide which is free to download through my shop.

Get your Family Posing Guide today to take your family portraits to the next level!

Family Posing Guide Bree Hulme Education